I’m a complicated creative. I make art and do marketing.

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As Above, So Below



Everything and No Thing


Baby’s On Fire

Artist statement

I often ask myself big questions – the same ones many of us ask. Questions like: Why are we all here? What does it mean to be human? What ideas or emotions are we able to feel through intuition but not describe with words? My painting allows an exploration of these questions and the resulting work is intended to convey subtle answers that come to me from meditation and contemplation.

My art-making process is in itself a type of meditation. I prepare each canvas through a series of paint layers that function like rituals. Each one is calm, methodical and allows me to slowly imbue the work with a specific intention. The final step is the black, gestural composition that is the opposite of the others. It is urgent, messy and impulsive. Together they become whole.

But, it’s not all up to me. The viewer has an equal role in making meaning. I use titles and descriptions to share concepts, questions and ideas that I hope become discussion prompts. There is no absolute truth in these paintings – except for the one you find for yourself. Each painting is like a mirror that is intended to reflect back to you your own ideas about truth, mystery and your place in the universe.